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iOS 16


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Ενώ έχω πάντα απενεργοποιημένη την εφαρμογή Siri και όλες τις παραμέτρους της εντός της εφαρμογής αλλά και σε όλες τις εφαρμογές που αλληλοεπιδρούν με αυτήν, στην κατανάλωση μπαταρίας μου παρουσιάζει πάντα ένα ποσοστό της τάξης του 2% να καταναλώνεται από την Siri. Το διάβασα και σε ξένα forum χωρίς να υπάρχει απάντηση. Τελικά δεν απενεργοποιείται πλήρως αλλά τρέχει θέλοντας και μη στο υπόβαθρο;

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iOS 16.3: Release notes

– New Unity wallpaper honors Black history and culture in celebration of Black History Month
– Security Keys for Apple ID allow users to strengthen the security of their account by requiring a physical security key as part of the two factor authentication sign in process on new devices
– Support for HomePod (2nd generation)
– Emergency SOS calls now require holding the side button with the up or down volume button and then releasing in order to prevent inadvertent emergency calls
– Fixes an issue in Freeform where some drawing strokes created with Apple Pencil or your finger may not appear on shared boards
– Addresses an issue where the wallpaper may appear black on the Lock Screen
– Fixes an issue where horizontal lines may temporarily appear while waking up iPhone 14 Pro Max
– Fixes an issue where the Home Lock Screen widget does not accurately display Home app status
– Addresses an issue where Siri may not respond properly to music requests
– Resolves issues where Siri requests in CarPlay may not be understood correctly


iOS 16.3: Security updates


  • Impact: An app may be able to access user-sensitive data
  • Description: This issue was addressed by enabling hardened runtime.


  • Impact: An app may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges
  • Description: The issue was addressed with improved memory handling.


  • Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
  • Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.

Screen Time

  • Impact: An app may be able to access information about a user’s contacts
  • Description: A privacy issue was addressed with improved private data redaction for log entries.


  • Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution
  • Description: The issue was addressed with improved memory handling.


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Διαθέσιμο το 16.3.2 για homepod mini και apple tv...όπως και στην 16.3.1 βγήκε πρώτα για τα παραπάνω και μετά για τα iPhone.

Στάλθηκε από το SM-F936B μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk

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Bug για τις google photos.

Δεν δουλευει η εφαρμογη , κλεινει αμςσως οταν πας να την ανοιξεις.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iWatch 7

Airpods Pro

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