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  1. Hello Justin !


    A few days ago, I bought the STAR N9800, but it seems something's wrong with the device...

    I sent a message at after_arrival@geekbuying.com and at your facebook page as a private message.


    Please find a way to solve the problem that I'm facing.



    1. The two IMEI numbers are not valid. The sticker inside has two IMEI numbers (IMEI1: 35640010013799 AND IMEI2: 35640010013807).

    The Antutu Benchmark, reads a number with by far more digits (400B7A9C4BEC0E37DCDA0DE1F387983B50DA174C).

    2. Ferthermore, when I inserted the SIM cards, the device couldn't "read" any of them (I tried three).

    3. If it weren't any of the above mentioned problems, I wouldn't say the third one. The batteries can't even make 24 hours without any use of the cell network and it could be "ok" considering the price of the cellphone and the size of the screen.

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